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    About Us

    DiningExperience Like No Other

    Our menu is varied and features plenty of fish and seafood selections in addition to traditional lamb and kebabs chicken marinated in special spices and prepared on an open grill. Be sure to save room for one of our desserts Turkish custard baklava, almond, puding, kunefe etc. as they are the perfect and to any meal.
    We are located on the West New York, NJ (One block away from wonderful view of manhattan city skyline and very easy to commute its near 1 mile away from Lincoln Tunnel). The service is well regarded as warm and friendly. Interior design of our restaurant is inviting whenever you want to enjoy a good meal or for your special occasion private parties up to 40 people and our authentic decor throughout the restaurant makes. Hudson kebab house a dining experience unlike any other… An adventure in cuisine. we also deliver and we are open 7 days a week. and we have the best cook in town thats why New York Times wrote about our chef several times.